Ban Dung – บ้านดุง

Bandunglife is all about; Ban Dung Thailand , It features the latest news and articles of local Interest including what there is to do, places to visit , the surrounding Districts and provinces and generally what life is like in Isaan ( North East Thailand) .

Latest News

Traffic Lights

The Traffic lights have been repaired and working again. Although the trafic flowed far better when they were switched off or left on flashing red.



Bidding is now under way for the construction of a Big C supermarket in Ban Dung ( Project No  24) . What size it will be has still to be specified.


Rice Sowing

Its that time of year again & everybody is busy sowing the rice again. It won’t belong before the countryside turns green again instead of a dusty brown.


Retail News

A new PTT petrol Station & 7-Eleven outlet is being built just before Tesco Lotus as you leave town. A survey has also been done canvassing opinion about opening a Big-C supermarket in town as well. If it goes ahead … [CLICK TO READ MORE]


Summer Storms

The region is currently experiencing some summer storms , Bringing Electricity poles and Billboards in Charoen Sin as well as causing damage to many Rubber trees. This house in Udon Thani Province illustrates some of the damage caused .

Summer Storm