Ban Dung

Ban Dung – บ้านดุง

Bandunglife is all about; Ban Dung Thailand , What there is to do, places to visit , the surrounding Districts and provinces and generally what life is like in Isaan ( North East Thailand) .

Featured Articles

  • Shop Front

    Chang Noi Massage

    Owned By Rob and Mint this Massage Center is in the in the Left Hand Soi after you Pass Eddies Bar heading into town.( Green Arrow)   Gallery Prices are: Thai Massage 130B/Hour Foot Massage 200B/Hour Oil Massage 300B/Hour Read More
  • Attractions


    Kham Chanot Approximately 10k from Ban dung. It is said to be an entrance to the water world, a legendary place where the Naga, a mythical large snake often suggested to have seven heads  is supposed to live . Covering ...Read More
  • Bars


    Eddies Sport Bar Now run by Jack & Kevin from Australia The World Famous Eddies  Sports Bar  is a popular meeting place for expats and visitors to Ban Dung. It is situated on the Main 4096 highway through Ban Dung ...Read More
  • Rubber production

    Rubber production

    Rubber tapping Rubber tapping is the process by which rubber is gathered. An Incision is made in the bark of a rubber tree, which cuts through the latex vessels that flow between the bark and the cambium. The latex then drips ...Read More
  • Hotels


    These are the Hotels that are currently available in Ban Dung. More resort Hotels are being built all the time and some  are listed on the following page. The Prices and Phone numbers were correct at the time of publication ...Read More
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About Ban Dung

Ban Dung is a medium sized market town in the province of Udon Thani and is Typical of many towns within Isaan currently undergoing a period of expansion. It is approximately 80kms distant from the provincial capital Udon Thani and 70kms from Nong Khai which is one of only two land crossing points into Laos for tourists and only 100 kms from the Capital of Lao – Vientiane…….Read More

Getting Here 

Most People Arrive by plane in Udon Thani. From there if you have no private transport then you have the options of getting a Taxi all the way to Ban Dung, or getting a taxi to the bus Station then getting one of the local Buses to ban Dung.

Alternatively you can get a VIP bus from Bangkok to Udon Thani & on to Ban Dung.