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Bandunglife is all about; Ban Dung Thailand , It features the latest news and articles of local Interest including what there is to do, places to visit , the surrounding Districts and provinces and generally what life is like in Isaan ( North East Thailand) .

Latest News

Firework Damage

Firework Damage

This house in Ban That (Amphoe Phen) was virtually gutted when a rocket landed on the roof During recent festivals setting fire to the building. Who pays for the damage caused I have no idea.

Storm Damage


The recent High winds has caused damage to many of the older buildings. Most noticeably in Om Ko where the roof was ripped of this house. Considering the wooden construction of many of the older Thai style houses I am … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Road Resurfacing

Road Resurfacing

The resurfacing of the main Road through town has finally started, How long a stretch they will resurface is still not clear, hopefully they will do the complete section through town and fix the rough sections near the shop fronts, … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Car Accident

Car Accident

Yet another accident happened on the 29th April which is being investigated by the Ban Dung Police , it occurred in Ban Phon Santi on the Ban Dung to Sum Sao road which  is a notorious Accident Black Spot. The … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Davos Bar Closed

Davo has removed all the fittings and closed the bar. There was nobody interested in buying the business , not that surprising considering the competition in Ban Dung and the long hours entailed in running a Bar. He has moved … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Songkran 2015

Songkran 2015 - b

The annual Songkran Parade kicked of around 2.00pm, there seemed to be more floats again after a quieter past couple of years. As usual the dancing girls !! were out with the same repertoire year on year. Still well worth … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

More New Buildings

Shop Units

Yet more shop units are being built despite many empty units being available around town. This latest one is situated between Pins Cafe and the nightly food market. It is rumoured it will house market stalls but who knows.