Post office

Bandung Post office is located at 45 Moo 8, Srisuttho, Amphoe BanDung , 41190 .
Telephone  0-4227-1346 or  0-1872-0772
The Thai postal system is very reliable, efficient and economical. A common service used is EMS or Express Mail Service, which requires a signature by the recipient. The EMS service is offered both domestically and internationally.

For sending packages overseas, you can do the packing at the post office, as they have a packing counter where you can buy packing materials at a very economical rate, and sometimes get assistance. If you are shipping anything in a box, then the standard procedure is to tie a string around the box so that it can be opened and peeked into by customs to verify that what’s on the customs slip is what’s in the box. If you seal it, then you pay a much higher rate.


There are 6 banks in Ban Dung. The Govermeny savings bank, Kasikorn (Thai farmers bank), Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), Krungthai Bank, Bangkok Bank  and the Bank of agriculture. There are also numerous ATM’s located throughout the town outside the Banks,At the Bus Station, outside 7-Eleven and numerous places elsewhere.

The Govermeny savings bank
261 Moo 10, Boriban Damri Rd, Sri Suttho ,Ban Dung,
Udon Thani, 41190
Tel 0-4227-1309 , 0-4227-1321







Kasikorn Bank

352 Moo 6 Phetwiset Rd, Sri Suttho ,Ban Dung,
Udon Thani, 41190
Tel: 27-1097-9, 27-1101
Fax: 27-1100









Siam Commercial Bank

394/1 Moo 6  Sri SutTho,  Ban Dung ,
Udon Thani 41190
Tel: 042-271203, 042-271235
Fax: 042-271241







Bank for  Agriculture & Agriculture Co-operatives (BAAC)

Bandung Branch 54 Moo2 , Winyu Road, Sri Suttho ,Ban Dung
UdonThani, Thailand 41190
Contact : 042-271501
Fax : 042-271502






Krungthai Bank

299 Moo 4, Sri Suttho,
Ban Dung, Udon Thani, 41190,
Tel. 0-4227-3281-2
Fax. 0-4227-3283






Bangkok Bank

Moo 6,Highway 2096 Sri Suttho
Ban Dung Udon Thani Thailand