Rice Sowing

Its that time of year again & everybody is busy sowing the rice again. It won’t belong before the countryside turns green again instead of a dusty brown.


Phon Phisai

I had an impromptu ride up to Phon Phisai to see the Mekong. I originally hadn’t intended to go that far but it was overcast for the first few hours in the morning & the air temperature was a lot … [CLICK TO READ MORE]


Retail News

A new PTT petrol Station & 7-Eleven outlet is being built just before Tesco Lotus as you leave town. A survey has also been done canvassing opinion about opening a Big-C supermarket in town as well. If it goes ahead … [CLICK TO READ MORE]


Ride to Sang Khom

Had a Ride up to Sang Khom and around the Lake. There is now a lot of New Restaurants and floating Sala’s near the Village of Ban Maet.  


Summer Storms

The region is currently experiencing some summer storms , Bringing Electricity poles and Billboards in Charoen Sin as well as causing damage to many Rubber trees. This house in Udon Thani Province illustrates some of the damage caused .

Summer Storm

The Coffee House

Not to be confused with the other Coffee house ( Near Pins Shop) . This is a bar owned by Arden ( from Wales) and his wife Joy. [shashin type=”photo” id=”51″ size=”large” columns=”max” order=”user” caption=”y” position=”left”] As you enter Ban … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

The Cofee jouse