State of the art Police Car

This Photograph of one of Ban Dungs Police cars has gone viral on the internet.  Showing the latest in state of the art Plastic Seats the Head of the police is now saying it was just a joke !?.

Read Here for the full article.


Traffic Lights

The Traffic lights have been repaired and working again. Although the trafic flowed far better when they were switched off or left on flashing red.


Bidding is now under way for the construction of a Big C supermarket in Ban Dung ( Project No  24) . What size it will be has still to be specified.

Rice Sowing

Its that time of year again & everybody is busy sowing the rice again. It won’t belong before the countryside turns green again instead of a dusty brown.

Phon Phisai

I had an impromptu ride up to Phon Phisai to see the Mekong. I originally hadn’t intended to go that far but it was overcast for the first few hours in the morning & the air temperature was a lot cooler making it possible.

Vegetables Being Grown along the Mekong















They are currently building a wider esplanade along the river front ( Similar to that in Nong Khai but on a smaller scale).



Retail News

A new PTT petrol Station & 7-Eleven outlet is being built just before Tesco Lotus as you leave town. A survey has also been done canvassing opinion about opening a Big-C supermarket in town as well. If it goes ahead it will probably be a Big-C Market  comparable in size with the Existing Tesco Lotus store.