Road Improvements

Road Improvment

Improvements are continuing on the roads in and around town . They are resurfacing the road opposite the Jungle Grill restaurant, and also repairing the road opposite the hospital where it has been rough and potholed since I can remember. … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Ride up to Soem

Had a ride out up to Soem ( 10k short of Fao Rai), There I turned Right and onto the  Kham Sa-at road. On  reaching the village some of the older signs showed it as Ban Non Sa-at – perhaps … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Ban Fang

If you pass through Ban Fang  you might notice quite a few CCTV cameras around the place. Apparently they were installed by the police due to the amount of yaba dealing that goes on in this one village. Yaba is … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

TOPS Superkoom


A TOPS superkoom shop is opening in Ban Dung on the 14th March ( which  I think translates as Super Value) ; Only the second to have opened in  Udon Thani province & according to their website only the 13th … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Jungle Grill

Jungle Grill interior3

A new restaurant, named Jungle Grill, has opened at the site of the old Garys Bar on the salt road – opposite the petrol station. I ate there on Sunday, and was quite happy with the ambience, service, food and … [CLICK TO READ MORE]